Fibreglass Pools: The Best Choice For New Zealand's Climate

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Are you feeling hesitant about a pool installation because of New Zealand’s ever changing weather and climate? As fibreglass pool manufacturers, we are often asked about the best choice of pool material. The good news is that our fibreglass pools are a perfect fit for your Kiwi backyard. 

Durable Through the Seasons

New Zealand’s weather conditions range from hot summers to snowy winters and everything in between. While some parts of the country are milder, others experience the full range. 

Whatever the weather, fibreglass pools are tough. Unlike concrete, they are resistant to cracking and damage caused by fluctuating temperatures. 

And bring on the sunshine! Fibreglass pools are non-porous and UV-resistant, meaning they will last a long time without fading. 

Low Maintenance and Easy Cleaning

The smooth surface of a fibreglass pool means it is resistant to bacteria and algae growth, making it easy to keep clean. You will also use fewer chemicals. This means you can spend more time enjoying swimming in your pool, rather than keeping your pool clean.

Sustainability Issues

While still considering the climate, fibreglass pools are far more energy efficient than their concrete counterparts. They are great at retaining heat, allowing you to enjoy a longer swimming season with comfortably warm water. If you have opted for a pool heating system, a fibreglass pool will need a lot less energy to keep it at the desired temperature. 

What About Earthquakes?

As one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world, you might be concerned about how this could affect your swimming pool. Due to their composite structure, fibreglass pools have built-in flexibility that concrete pools do not. This flexibility makes them more resistant to cracking or structural damage. Penguin pools are built to last, with a lifetime warranty on the structure for peace of mind and years of enjoyment.

Before you start, the Penguin Pools team can come out and assess your location and backyard structure before your installation to ensure all safety measures are taken.

As world-class fibreglass pool manufacturers, we assure you of the best service right from the start of your project. We stand by our quality by offering a lifetime structural warranty on all of our pools. Contact Penguin Pools to find out how we can turn your property into a backyard oasis.

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