5 Top Points To Consider Before Your Fibreglass Pool Installation

Fiberglass pool

A fibreglass pool installation is a great idea to enhance your property and lifestyle, so well done on choosing this durable, low-maintenance pool option. Now, it is time to pick the perfect spot for your pool. 

In this blog post, we will look at the most important considerations when choosing where to position your new pool.https://penguinpools.co.nz/why-penguin-pools-2/

1. Assessing Your Property

Before deciding on the size and shape of your new pool, you must assess the available space in your yard. Things to take note of include:

  • Size and shape of your yard
  • Existing landscaping and hardscaping features and other structures
  • Position of existing utility lines (for easy access to water and electricity, or possible relocations required)
  • Ground stability
  • Drainage and the angle or slope of the ground (these may need additional work to ensure a safe installation)

Reach out to the Penguin Pools team who can help asses your yard and recommend the best swimming pool option for you.

2. Local Regulations And Consent

Before proceeding with any pool installation, it is important to determine the local regulations and permissions required. Every swimming pool in New Zealand must be checked to ensure it complies with regulations around its durability and safety. This will be rechecked every three years to ensure ongoing compliance.  For more on New Zealand swimming pool regulations, see this article: https://www.building.govt.nz/building-code-compliance/f-safety-of-users/pool-safety/guidance-for-pool-owners

3. Accessibility And Safety

Depending on who will be using your pool, it is a good idea to invest in the necessary accessibility and safety features, such as fences, steps, rails and alarms. This will ensure that children, pets, elderly or frail family members can enjoy the pool safely.

4. Sun And Shade

If your pool and pool area will be in full sunlight all day, consider adding shade structures like a gazebo or patio or planting trees in the vicinity. The amount of sun and shade will affect the temperature of the water and your comfort when using the pool at different times of the day.

A word of warning about trees – don’t plant them too close to the pool, as growing roots may extend too far and damage your pool.

5. Views And Privacy

Take a walk around the area where you plan to position your pool to get a good idea of the proximity of neighbours, views, and any privacy concerns. That way, you can incorporate ideas for creating screening or shielding to make your pool as private as you require.

Contact Penguin Pools today for all your fibreglass pool installation requirements. Our experienced team can assess your property and give the best advice on all aspects of planning your new pool. 

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