About Us

Who we are

Penguin Pools Nz was established in 2006 yet has over 45 years experience in the composite and swimming pool manufacturing industry. Being one of New Zealand’s first fibreglass manufacturing plants to excel and inspire luxury, quality and affordability while benefiting New Zealand’s economy and adding value to our beautiful Country.

The fire

In March 2018 a devastating fire which took a week to die down, ripped through our entire manufacturing plant destroying everything. The fire bought a lot of despair to Penguin Pools and our extremely loyal retailers. As those around us watch and wait to see the outcome, we are proud to announce that we have upgraded our facility to an incomparable scale and have top of line manufacturing machinery which will make Penguin Pools supersede the expectation of quality, as perfection is delivered straight to your doorstep.

Your swimming pool installation

We pride ourselves on exceptional and outstanding professionalism, yet making the process of your swimming pool being installed and completed warm and personal, creating memories and lifelong promises of enjoyment.